Trusted Touch® has its roots in what, in the USA, is popularly called professional cuddling.  Refined and developed by Claire Mendelsohn as Trusted Touch®, it involves the provision of platonic touch to adults, and is informed by consent and boundaries. By acknowledging and observing these in a consistent and positive way we create a safe space for our client in which touch, tenderness and vulnerability can be safely manifested. 

Our society is both touch-phobic and touch-deprived. We live in a technologically advanced but increasingly disconnected society, leading to skin hunger and a primal urge to feel closer to ourselves and to others. Trusted Touch® facilitates this. We are more aware than ever of how touch can be used to unhealthy and abusive ends, and now we need more than ever to de-couple touch from sex and share healthy and nurturing platonic touch for health and well-being.  As adults we rarely experience physical closeness without the pressure of sex, but where do we go outside of that restriction when we need touch?  Most of us only experience touch outside of a relationship when we're children.  By craving platonic touching we're admitting we're human, with a basic, genetic need for touch. It's a characteristic of our DNA - we live in groups, and we need each other.  We all need to feel compassion, emotional safety, self-worth, acceptance and belonging, and Trusted Touch® facilitates this.












Who is the client of a Trusted Touch® therapist?


Our client demographic is very wide. Early-20's professionals to seniors, those between-partners and those who have lost their partners, those in hospitals, hospice care and residential homes, ex-servicemen and women, those who live alone, the disabled and marginalised, and those who are surrounded by others. Some people don't often - or ever - get the opportunity to touch and be touched in a meaningful way. 









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A trained and skilled Trusted Touch practitioner holds a confidential safe space for their consenting adult client to experience healthy platonic human touch.