Trusted Touch® Practitioner Certification Level Guide

Green Certification

The Practitioner has completed the Trusted Touch®

Diploma Course and received the Certificate of Attainment

Gold Certification

The Practitioner has completed their Green level PLUS

they hold an accredited diploma in massage therapy

Purple Certification

The Practitioner has completed their Green and Gold levels,

PLUS they actively participate in the Trusted Touch® Tribe Community

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Claire Mendelsohn

Purple Certification


Claire Mendelsohn is the founder of Trusted Touch and the CEO and head tutor of London Therapists, one of the UK’s most established private massage training companies. Claire is blazing the trail for the acceptance of platonic touch as therapy.  As an experienced holistic massage tutor and Trusted Touch therapist, she’s humbled by the power of human touch to soothe and heal.  While holistic massage has certainly helped her clients deal with their aches and pains, she always felt that there was a part of the jigsaw still missing. After much research into touch and its benefits, Claire decided that the time was right to launch Trusted Touch, the very first professional training, certification and membership body for Trusted Touch practitioners. She recognised the need for regulation within the touch therapy profession, a comprehensive training course to ensure responsible, ethical practice, a professional membership body to provide a support network, specialist insurance cover and certified and trained Trusted Touch practitioners that prospective clients can book with confidence.  Somewhere out there someone is in need of human contact, yet he or she has no one to turn to. When you book a Trusted Touch practitioner you will discover a safe, warm and non-judgmental oasis where you can step out of your everyday life, re-discover the pleasure of non-sexual touch and enjoy the many physiological and psychological benefits of platonic touch.  Simple and beautiful.  Claire hopes that you will join her in establishing Trusted Touch as a legitimate holistic therapy modality.

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I am an autistic artist who loves to be creative using many different mediums. 
I have a unique process of mixing art/crafts with healing and therapeutic therapies.
I use sound and vibration along with art, Reiki and Trusted Touch.