Our Purpose

To train, inspire, support and unite every Trusted Touch® practitioner.

To maximise your professional credibility and enable your Trusted Touch® practice to thrive through gold standard training and aftercare

Our Mission

To be the leader in the training and delivery of compassionate, consensual therapeutic touch for the lonely, touch-deprived, isolated, disabled, medically fragile and terminally ill.

To promote the consensual provision of platonic touch to adults within defined boundaries as a legitimate and valuable holistic therapy modality


Our Mantra

Hugs Not Drugs


Our Vision

Trusted Touch® envisions a world in which consensual, compassionate and empathic touch is used for comfort and pain management in every healthcare and wellness setting.

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Trusted Touch is an organisation that promotes the practice of Trusted Touch®, a consensual, non-invasive therapeutic holistic touch modality.


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