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Promoting Consensual Platonic Touch for Health and Well-Being

Trusted Touch is an independent training, membership and accreditation body for Trusted Touch practitioners.  We provide support and guidance to therapeutic touch professionals and to the public, with particular reference to education, research and training.

We work extensively on promoting Trusted Touch as a valuable holistic therapy modality, and promote best practice for Trusted Touch practitioners. We are passionate about the power of touch as therapy, and we have a wealth of experience which we share with other professionals to increase awareness of the use of Trusted Touch. 


Trusted Touch is the only therapist organisation to offer a professionally accredited course in using platonic touch as a holistic therapy, with access to professional insurance cover for your Trusted Touch practice.  







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professional cuddler training
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Trusted Touch is an organisation that promotes the practice of Trusted Touch®, a consensual, non-invasive therapeutic holistic touch modality.


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