Your time can make a significant difference in people's lives.  Providing compassionate, consensual and empathic touch to those who are touch-deprived, isolated, elderly, disabled, medically fragile or at the end stages of their life is achieved through the efforts of ordinary people that do extraordinary things.  Our therapists are the heart and soul of our organisation. They have profound sense of compassion, wanting to share their gift of touch with others.  There is nothing more rewarding than to provide comfort and care to individuals who are lonely, sick or isolated.  If you feel called to this work, we would love you to join our caring community. Trusted Touch® is the only training, certification and membership body for those wishing to become a Trusted Touch® practitioner.  



Course Benefits​​

  • Trusted Touch® Certificate of Attainment upon successful completion of Level One (Green) Certification. 

  • We are a registered and approved Complementary Medical Association training provider.

  • This course is approved by The Complementary Medical Association and carries 2 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points from respected professional association ThinkTree

  • Accredited and Insurable Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage Course Diploma upon successful completion of Level Two (Gold) Certification

  • Green, Gold and Purple Certification Levels - choose the one that suits you

  • Your own detailed profile in the Trusted Touch® Member directory (£45 annually to remain a certified member, whichever level you choose to attain)

  • Access to exclusive insurance cover for your Trusted Touch® practice

  • The right to use the Trusted Touch® logo on your business cards, website, marketing materials and social media pages.

  • The right to use the initials TTP (Trusted Touch® Practitoner) after your name, to show that you are a member of an ethical professional trade association.

  • Subscribed members have exclusive access to the Trusted Touch Tribe Facebook Group

  • Trusted Touch® Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

  • Access to Trusted Touch® Tribe networking and support events

The Trusted Touch® training programme is designed to teach the skills needed to be a loving presence to someone who needs touch.  Participants learn a mindful, compassionate approach to providing consensual, caring touch, whatever the circumstances.  Our training is ideal for certified massage therapists, body workers, medically licensed healthcare professionals, chaplains, caregivers and family members, preparing them to provide therapeutic touch in an ethical and responsible way.

Green, Gold and Purple Certification

We offer Trusted Touch® graduates the choice of three tiers of certification:

Green Certification

Complete the online Trusted Touch Practitioner Diploma Course @ £75

Upon completion of your training you will receive a Certificate of Attainment from Trusted Touch®, with the option to go on to achieve your Gold and Purple certifications. Our Diploma course is approved by ThinkTree and carries 2 CPD points, benefiting your continuing professional development.



Gold Certification

Green Certification @ £75 PLUS our Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage Course @ £115

After you complete the Trusted Touch® Practitioner online diploma course and gain your Certificate of Attainment we strongly recommend that you attend our half-day Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage course to further your professional and practical skills. The course is accredited with The Beauty and Holistic Guilds, carries 7 CPD points and includes a unique CD and a start-up duo of exclusive massage creme and toner concentrate. 


Alternatively you will automatically receive Gold Certification if you already hold an accredited massage qualification.

See full details of our Tibetan Arm and Hand Massage Course

We also offer fast-track accredited training in Holistic (Swedish) Body Massage including an online Anatomy & Physiology Diploma should you wish to complete this advanced course.  Please contact us if you would like to enrol.

For either option no pre-requisite training is needed, and beginners are very welcome.

Purple Certification FREE

Green and Gold Certifications PLUS get involved!

After you complete your Green and Gold certifications make sure you like and follow us on social media and join and participate in our exclusive Trusted Touch® Tribe Facebook group.  We'd also love to see you at one of our wonderful Trusted Touch® Tribe events where you can meet other lovely members to network, swap stories and tips, and spend time with huge-hearted, like-minded people.  Members who are active within our community receive Purple status.

Your chosen certification level will be displayed on your Trusted Touch® member profile

Training Requirements

No prior massage or medical experience is needed to enrol in the Trusted Touch® training programme - however hospices and hospitals may require you to hold a certified massage qualification school, medical license or credential, doctor, nurse, occupational or physical therapist or some other licence to touch in order to volunteer.  We can help you gain your massage qualifications - contact us for details

Do you feel called to become a Trusted Touch® practitioner? Our members are tactile, warm, empathic, understanding and non-judgmental. They may be male or female.  No previous experience is required, although many Trusted Touch® practitioners have backgrounds in holistic therapy and the caring and health professions. Sessions with clients consist of holding space and consensual platonic touch within pre-agreed boundaries.  This can include hand holding, hair stroking, massage, holding, talking, listening - and sometimes no touch at all.