Statement of Ethics and Conduct for Trusted Touch® Practitioners

I will conduct my practice of Trusted Touch® in accordance with the generally accepted principles of Trusted Touch® as developed by Claire Mendelsohn MGHT MGTL, and the guidelines of Trusted Touch®

Before Trusted Touch® sessions I will make clear to the client any fees that I will charge for my service. I will ensure that all interpersonal transactions between the client and myself are non-exploitative and directly relevant to their care.

I will refrain from selling any product or other service to the client when referred by Trusted Touch®.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act I will keep all client information in a safe, secure, and private location. I will not share any information without written consent from the client. When client information is no longer needed, it will be shredded and destroyed and/or deleted from all my computer records.

Unless directly involved in the Trusted Touch® session, I will not take another person with me to a session.

I will not use Trusted Touch® as a basis for psychotherapy, spiritual or other counselling, unless I have the training and qualifications to do so, as well as permission from the client.

I will focus on the needs of the client and will refrain from discussing my personal issues with the client.

I will regularly evaluate my strengths, limitations, and levels of effectiveness. I will strive for self-improvement and seek to enhance my abilities by means of further education and training.

In Trusted Touch® sessions I will maintain the highest integrity, keeping the interest of the client foremost, and I will conduct all sessions in a manner that upholds the reputation of Trusted Touch® throughout the world.

I will not hold Trusted Touch® responsible for any consequences resulting from my practice of Trusted Touch®. I am aware that decisions regarding insurance coverage and liability are left to my own discretion.

I understand that, should Trusted Touch® receive any complaints about my sessions or conduct, I will be notified of that complaint. If, after due process of investigation, a mutually acceptable resolution of any associated problems cannot be achieved, Trusted Touch® has the right to withdraw my name from the directory of members of Trusted Touch®.