Choose From Three Tiers of Certification

Green | Gold | Purple



Trusted Touch® Practitioner Diploma Course @ £75

Complete the Trusted Touch® Diploma course online and receive our insurable Certificate of Attainment and 2 CPD points.

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Green Certification @ £75 PLUS half-day Tibetan Hand & Arm Massage Course  @ £115

Complete the Trusted Touch® online diploma and attend our half-day Tibetan Hand & Arm massage course to develop your practical skills.  We also offer fast-track training in Holistic Body Massage including Anatomy & Physiology.

You will receive automatic Gold certification if you already hold an accredited qualification in massage.

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Green and Gold certification PLUS get involved!


Complete our Green and Gold certifications, then start actively participating!  Like and follow us on social media, join our Facebook Group and attend networking and support events where we discuss all things Trusted Touch®

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Your chosen certification level will be indicated on your Trusted Touch member profile. 

After you gain any level of certification you can join Trusted Touch as a Practitioner Member.


To become a Practitioner Member of Trusted Touch® you must successfully complete

our certified training course, and be subscribed and in our Member Directory


Trusted Touch® Practitioner Member Benefits 

£45 annually to remain a Certified Practitioner Member


Your detailed profile in the Trusted Touch® Member Directory

Access to exclusive insurance cover through the CMA or Westminster Insurance for your Trusted Touch® practice (cost not included)

Logos and graphics for use on your website, marketing materials and social media pages

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram networking

On-going interaction with Trusted Touch® via our exclusive Facebook group

Exclusive Insurance Cover 

As a Trusted Touch® Certified Practitioner Member you have a choice of two insurance options.  You can arrange cover for your Trusted Touch® practice via The Complementary Medical Association when you join them as a member, or you can take out stand-alone cover with Westminster Insurance.  Both options are exclusive to our subscribed graduate members.

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Use of Trusted Touch® Logos and Initials


Trusted Touch® logos are accessible in our Member's Area after you subscribe.  You can use them on your business cards, website, marketing materials and social media pages. You will also be entitled to use the initials TTP (Trusted Touch® Practitioner) after your name to show that you are a member of an ethical and professional trade association.  Your directory profile will allow prospective clients to search for suitably qualified and insured Trusted Touch® practitioners in their area.

Trusted Touch Tribe

As a Trusted Touch Practitioner Member you can  join our exclusive Trusted Touch Tribe Facebook Group, where you can network, discuss best practice, swap stories and tips and make new, like-minded friends.  Please note that you need to be a subscribed member of Trusted Touch to access this group.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Trusted Touch® is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of course, so you can connect, participate, communicate and network with us, other Trusted Touch® practitioner members and potential clients.












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