Trusted Touch® Practitioner Diploma Course

Accredited by The Complementary Medical Association and ThinkTree | 2 CPD Points



The Trusted Touch® Practitioner Diploma Course consists of 20 modules

with videos, actions, assignments and interactive quizzes


Trusted Touch® Philosophy

The Science of Touch

Touch Through Life

Touch Types and Culture

Touch and Healing

Touch and Technology

Men and Touch Isolation

Trusted Touch® Protocols

Trusted Touch® as Therapy

Holding a Space for Your Client

Boundaries and Consent

Transference and Triggers

Communication Skills

Using Attentive Touch

Working with the Medically Fragile and Terminally Ill

Working with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Working Around Wheelchairs and Beds

Your Professional Environment

Personal Safety and Security

Client Contract, Waiver and Consent Forms

Professional Insurance

Business Basics

Marketing and Promotion

  • Volunteer Self Care

  • Infection Control Procedures

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Trusted Touch is an organisation that promotes the practice of Trusted Touch®, a consensual, non-invasive therapeutic holistic touch modality.


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