Trusted Touch brings compassionate, consensual, therapeutic touch to the lonely, the touch-deprived, the disabled, the elderly, the medically fragile and the terminally ill, improving the quality of life for them and for those around them.

Trusted Touch training is accessible, heart-led, healing and affirming, giving our practitioners confidence in their ability to provide touch to those who need it.

Professionals agree that the consensual use of touch can be as powerful as many proven drug therapies, without the cost or side effects of prescriptions.

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Trusted Touch® provides compassionate, consensual, therapeutic touch to those who are lonely, touch-deprived, disabled, elderly, medically fragile or at the end of life.  Trusted Touch® is a profound experience and a tremendous gift - to both the client and practitioner.

Whether you are an experienced therapist, a student, an interested health professional, a

prospective client or are completely new to Trusted Touch®, we warmly welcome you.

Our mission is to promote Trusted Touch® as a valuable holistic therapy modality, to

clarify what it is  - and, as importantly, what it isn't - and to educate by demonstrating that touch

is vital to our health and well-being in an increasingly disconnected and medically-ailing society.


We are a registered and approved Complementary Medical Association training provider, and we set the gold standard for Trusted Touch® therapy in the UK.  We are passionate

about supporting you on every step of your journey as a Trusted Touch® practitioner.

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Claire Mendelsohn, MGHT MGTL

Founder, Trusted Touch®

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Isolation, Pain, Loneliness and Depression

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